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Arthur Bensley is the name. I was born at 9 Pier Road Gorleston in 1929. My Father was a member of the Gorleston Lifeboat before the second world war, serving for 26 years, his father was in the Lifeboats for 54 years. His father  was the last Landlord of The Anchor & Hope. This was the Public house that stood on the site of the present Pier Hotel, which as you will be aware, was built in 1897. Before taking the Anchor & Hope, he was a Queens Pilot.

My Stepfather was Harry Eastick and so my Stepsister is Lydia Eva. I believe the Lydia Eva is in a spot of strife at this time, high & dry in Lowestoft.  My wife Carol & I have lived here on The Gold Coast for the last 5 Years having lived previously on both the North & South Islands of New Zealand for 23 years .


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