A Week in the life

On March 14th reports were coming in of vast schools of Frog mouthed Pilchards coming close inshore to feed on the plankton, which in turn were driven in by the warm currents. These in turn are the natural food source for many species of fish. Amongst the predators attracted to our Surf Beaches here on the Gold Coast were Sharks including Hammerheads, Tigers, and Bronze whalers, some up to 3 metres in length! They were hunting in packs of 50. And could be seen in the shallows chasing the baitfish up the beach. These vast schools of baitfish hung around our beaches for several days. By the 20th March with the Australian surf life saving championships, the Nationals, taking place at Kurrawa, near Surfers Paradise and with over 1,000 sharks in a feeding frenzy, the competition was put on hold for two hours as 50 sharks were feeding in the competition arena. It was stated that whilst these predators are concentrating on the baitfish, the chances of an attack on the swimmers would be highly unlikely. I guess it was a case of when in doubt, don’t! Other fish joined in the hunt including Tuna, Tailor, plus large Mackerel & Marlin, even a whale joined in! It really was an incredible sight as they tore into these vast schools of baitfish.

It is very unusual for the pilchards to come in so close to the beaches. I went up to Point danger which is elevated to get a photo, but the schools we were watching were moving out along the stone pier at the mouth of the Tweed river. We drove down with our friends Bill & Joan Bridgeman, climbed over the rocks, and did manage to get one decent shot at close range, which I have attached to this account.
Bait Fish .Frog Mouthed Pilchards
The Tuna were hitting them like torpedoes!   

Did I hear you Correctly?

A couple of weeks ago Carol & I decided to have a day out over the border into New South Wales. On the way we went for a swim at Kirra. Just this side of the border. This is a surfing beach. Here the water temperature was 26 degrees Centigrade & the ocean a startling blue with waves a translucent green, there was quite a large swell with a long sweep up the beach, so we didn’t venture too far out. After 25 minutes we gave it away, and as it was 12 noon we decided to go for a meal of fish & chips over the border. Now it became one o’clock, as there is a one-hour time difference between Qld. & N.S.W. during the summer months.
Fish & chips on the Tweed River
The fish restaurant has several tables on the riverbank and as we sat eating our meal, another couple sitting at the next table started chatting to us. After a few minutes I noticed he kept touching his left ear. After I enquired he explained his problem, It appears he had just two hours prior to this, been fitted with a new hearing aid, and was having trouble adjusting it. This was a second attempt he explained. Three weeks before he had received his first hearing aid. The same evening they were invited out by friends for an evening meal. It turned out to be Chinese, and during the candlelit meal he saw what appeared to be a small pink bean nestled amongst his combination rice, picking it up with his chopsticks he popped it into his mouth and crunched it. You guessed it, it was the hearing aid! He was too embarrassed to tell the specialist the truth, so told him he had stood on it!

There’s nowt so strange as folk…

Arthur. E. Bensley



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