Anchor & Hope Public House 8-7-2000

Note the steps leading up to the beachmens quarters and lookout . The Chimney to the left, when facing the Anchor & Hope would appear to be a foundry stack ,so I can only surmise that the mortuary which was attached to the pub ,would have had a wall separating this from the forge .How marvellous it would be Ron ,could we only step back in time and take a look inside the old pub, meet up with some of those old characters . I can remember when there was sand on the floor in the Belle Vue !.


Attached to the seaward end of the Anchor & Hope was the Mortuary for drowned seamen. I know this because my Great Grandmother Georgina who kept on as Landlady at the Anchor & Hope after my Greatgrandfather John Bensley died, she also kept the key of the mortuary, and it was one of her jobs to keep an eye on the occupants, should there have been a tragedy at sea. John & Georgina were in the Anchor & Hope when the census was taken in 1880.


Georgina Bensley 1827 -1915 21-09-2000John Bensley 1829 21-09-2000John Bensley

Born 1829 (Date of death unknown). Photo sitting was at W. C. Parkers Studio 40 High Holborn ,opposite Chancery Lane London .

Georgina Bensley

Born 1827. Died 28th. March 1915 aged 88 years .


I have had this origonal photo since 1944. its a bit worse for wear ,but come to that, so am I !

My parents always spoke of a tunnel from the Anchor & Hope to the river, sounds feasable, smuggling was rife around the peroid when the old pub was in its hayday around the late seventeen hundreds.

Georgina in Pub doorway 2First left , a relation of mine ( Sixy Bensley .)The rest are a mystery , except my Great Grandmother Georgina with hand on hip in the doorway of The Anchor & Hope . ( you will note that my GreatGrandfathers name has been erased & just the family name left on the licencee Board above her head as he was deceased at the time this photo was taken .

What I would give to be able to go back & spend some time inside the old pub Ron!


Unfortunately my wife’s mother, Lavinia Chapman (aged 92), has just past away. On putting the ashes in the Ormesby cemetery, it was an overwhelming thought about all the stories lying there and not told. Some of the stones dated from the 1700´s, history lived but lost to us.




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