Fishy Stories

Part Four


Many years ago when I was in my late twenties, and believe me, that was many years ago! I borrowed a very old leather bound book from an acquaintance. This book was a mine of information on the history of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.Two items have remained fixed in my memory. (I only wish they had been, (one.) The name of the book,) and (two). The author!)

They were in fact, (one). The names of all the landlords of the Anchor and Hope public house, which stood close to the harbour entrance, starting in the late 1700ís until its demolition in the mid 1890ís.) I am sure this reference would have been accurate. The other item which caught my eye, Referred to the landing of a huge Sturgeon fish, from the mill pool at Thetford. This fish was reported to have weighed 52 Stones!  And was taken during the reign of King Henry VIII. Knowing how anglers can exaggerate, the size of their catch from the time they land it, to the time they get to the pub, which could be a matter of minutes, one wonders if this might be a slight distortion of the facts, over the period of four hundred years plus!                                                                          Several years ago my wife and I were motoring through the South Island Of New Zealand, and stumbled across an ideal spot to cast a line in an isolated area on the banks of the Clutha river.

Clutha River

Clutha River

This river which runs through the magnificent Southern Alps, is noted for its Rainbow trout .I couldnít get to the river quick enough! Grabbing my spinning rod and leaving Carol to bring the rest of the gear .I cast my line and immediately hooked a fish! Calling for Carol to bring the landing net, she naturally thought I was joking! The trout made straight for me and in my excitement, I whipped it over my head and it disappeared in thick undergrowth 15 ft. behind me! We searched for 20 minutes.amongst thick scrub and gorse bushes, but had to give up in the end. The classic one that got away!  However with the advent of photography it is possible to show you just how big the trout can be in N.Z. Whilst living in Nelson on the South Island I knew this guy who had been on holiday to Dunedin at the bottom of the South. As is often the case, he was using a childís rod and whilst the family were still enjoying a picnic, he wandered further down stream with his rod and spinner, and landed this Brown Trout.

Brown Trout

Brown Trout

As you can see it is lying in a deep freeze, The tape shows it as just over a metre, and it weighed 21lbs! Now that is a big trout!  Here is a final thought for all anglers.

A bad days fishing, beats a good days work every time!

Arthur .E. Bensley



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