There are many more other places of interest in Gorleston then in the Main Menu, also many other interests, to make it easier to find them, a sub menu is included here.


A Few Incidents A Few Incidents

End of Zeppelin L70 August 5 1918 End of Zeppelin L70 - August 5 1918

Fishy Stories Part 1 Fishy Stories - Part 1

Fishy Stories Part 2 Fishy Stories - Part 2

Fishy Stories Part 3 Fishy Stories - Part 3

Fishy Stories Part 4 Fishy Stories - Part 4

Fishy Stories Part 5 Fishy Stories - Part 5

Geldeston Lock Geldeston Lock

Ghost Stories Ghost Stories About East Anglia

Ghost Stories About East Anglia 2 Ghost Stories About East Anglia 2

Invasions and Incursions Invasions and Incursions

 Lady of Geldeston Lock Lady of Geldeston Lock

Lobby Lud 1938 Lobby Lud 1938

Lost Village of Newtown  Lost Village of Newtown

More on the Lost Village of Newton Lost Village of Newton - Part 2

Magic of the Net Magic of the Net

More on the Lost Village of Newton More on the Lost Village of Newton

Mothers Nightmare Mothers Worst Nightmare

Nicknames Nicknames

Other Places Other Places

Personal Reflections 1935 - 1939 Personal Reflections 1935 - 1939

Sport Sport

Superstitions Superstitions - Or the Caul of the Sea

The Sweeney Sweeney, The

Time Tunnels Time Tunnels

Fall the Pirate Fall the Pirate




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