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A Dream of Hope


A. E. Bensley


I dreamed a dream in which I saw

Things I had never seen before

Technology had advanced so far

That man could journey to a star

A cure to beat the common cold

And how to stop us growing old

Aids and cancer gone forever

We even could control the weather

One flaw in all of this I found.

Politics and religion had no common ground.

It seemed as if there was no plan

To cure mans inhumanity to man.


When I was young in forty four

I saw the futile course of war.

There are no winners.

Each nationís leaders tend to act

As if they were beginners

We watched them then, we watch then now

Each one intent on finding how

Too increase wealth beyond their dreams.

But do we benefit from their schemes?


On looking back across the years,

A lake could not contain the tears.

Of hopes and aspirations lost

A nationís youth must bear the cost.

Like pawns upon the game of life.

But still they come to bring each country strife.

Why donít they look at what has gone before?

The paths of nationís schemes

So often sadly lead to war


© Copyright A. E. Bensley



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