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Site Of Gorleston Coliseum  8-7-2000_2This is a Golden Oldie Ron . Pony & trap at the bottom of Palmer Road Gorleston. Note the hoarding behind the trap, site of The Gorleston Picture Theatre. Also behind pony, advertising for The Empire & The Gem Theatres. I really have no idea what is on this site at the present time , but when I was a lad starting from Palmer Road. A Dry Cleaners, followed by the Maypole Grocers, then the old Coliseum owned by Mr Attree. Incidentally during the war, the floor above the picture theatre was occupied by the Toc. H, I used to climb the stairs with other lads to have a jam roll & a mug of tea for threepence, when we were working on war damage. Here they served both civilians, and service personnel stationed in the Gorleston area, the entrance was on Palmer road. Beyond the Coliī was Hammonds Hardware, then a bank, the National I think ? then Bowers & Barr Electrical. On the corner of Church Lane, (Nortons Tobacconist .) I think this is correct, someone may pull me up on this, but thats O.K. I do remember going into Smiths the Dry cleaners on the corner in the mid sixties when a fellow countryman, I/e Rolf Harris was collecting his coat & trousers !
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When I was looking for an apprentiship I went to Bowers & Barr in the High Street for an interview,  but as my father worked at Eastern Electric, and therefore in conflict, they referred me to Mr Wilkinson at Carr & Carr, these were both under the Rayment Group and this is where I served my five year apprentiship in Radio & TV. Carr & Carr will always be remembered for their curved front window on Regent Street.

Notice the snow on the pavements Arthur and the couple walking along the road. My mother told me that she collected the old tram line sleepers from the High Street, for fire wood for their home in Trafalgar Road West, as a young girl, after the trams finished, this must have been about the 1925-30īs.



Pops Meadow

Henry Clays Pops concert Party 1933 21-09-2000Thought you might like this one Ron . Henry Clays Pops Concert Party 1933 . The concert party Played in a wooden hall on Pops Meadow from 1925 until 1934 The three young ladies are Pat West's Gems . Henry Clay is the older man on the far right of this photo . I remember going to the concerts as a small child .

Pop's MeadowThis I believe was taken in the early 1950īs, Arthur, showing Popīs Meadow with Fiskeīs Opening in the centre behind. This is as I remember it.



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