Visiting New Zealand?

On arrival in New Zealand with my wife and seven year old son, as migrants from England on the night of the 12th of April 1973, travelling Via Tel Aviv, Beirut, Bombay, Hong Kong, Manila, Sydney, Auckland, and finally Wellington, we were very tired.

Through a misunderstanding, we were not expected until the following day. Therefore nobody came to meet us.  We sat there all alone except for a guy from Southampton who was sweeping the floor in the main terminal. An Airline strike was in progress, and as no flights were scheduled, the airport for Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand was deserted! I had this awful feeling that I had made a dreadful mistake.

Although it was 8 p.m. I tried phoning the office of the company who had sponsored us.

By a lucky chance the property manager had slipped back to the office to pick up some papers, and he answered the phone. Twenty minutes later he arrived.

He apologised, and drove us to a temporary boarding house for the night. From then on it only got worse, but that’s another story. The thing was, he seemed to have difficulty in understanding my pronunciation of certain words in the English language!

This also worked in reverse for me! So just in case you encounter the same problem, I have decided to put down on paper some of the frequently used words you may encounter, and at the same time, you can thank God you are there on holiday and not migrating as we were.       


Kiwi as she is spoke!


Sweets - Lollies

A Pin - Used for writing letters.

Pigs – Used to hang out your washing.

Sex - One less than seven.

Tin - One more than nine.

Veerjun –Mythical New Zealand Maiden.

Cuds – Children.

Beard - A place to sleep.

Fush. As in Fush & Chups.

Hot Chips - Greasies

Munner Stroney - Soup.

Little Crusps – Potato Chips.

Fitter Cheney- Type of Pasta.

Fear Hear- Blonde.

Min. Male of the species.

Sucks Peck - half a dozen Beers.

Beers - large savage animals found in U.S. forests.

Ear roebucks – Exercise at the Gym.

Lift - Just departed.

Earplane – Large flying machine.

Sivven Sucks Sivven – Large Boeing aircraft.

Sivven Four Sivven - Larger Boeing aircraft.

Pits - Domestic animals.

Cuttin – Baby Cat.


Arthur E. Bensley    (Hev yew gotta Loight Boy?)



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