Christmas Ghost Stories

Part 2


Its that time of year again when we draw our chairs up to the fireside and let the older generation tell us tales of the supernatural, which go hand in glove with the festive season.

Here are a few events and experiences told to me over the years. You must draw your own conclusions.


trch_lft_md_blkThe house on Ferry Hill

Circa 1910

My Aunt Annie, on leaving school went into what was termed. (Service.)

One of the jobs she had as a young woman involved light duties caring for a genteel lady, a widow, whoís husband, a doctor, had died several years earlier. On three occasions at dusk, whilst dusting in the bay window area in the lounge overlooking the harbour. My aunt distinctly heard someone heave a deep sigh just beside her.

She finally decided to mention this to the lady of the house, who smiled and said. My husband would often stand in the bay window area at dusk, as this was one of his relaxing pastimes watching the shipping, after spending the day with his patients. I myself have felt his presence and also like you, have heard him sigh on many occasions. Shortly after this, my Aunt Annie decided to seek other employment.

What would you have done?


trch_lft_md_blkThe White Lady

My mother loved nursing, and in her later years was very pleased when she obtained a part time position looking after elderly residents in a nursing home.

At first my wife and I were amused at the tales my mother told to us, of the White Lady who appeared just prior to a residentís demise. We eventually got to know most of the staff on a social basis and all firmly believed in the apparition. This phenomena occurred time after time, yet never appearing in the same place. Staff would gather for morning tea, lunch etc. and someone would say. I saw the white lady on the back stairs a few minutes ago. It seems the apparition was only seen for a few seconds as she disappeared up the staircase, or indeed into the kitchen.

The fact remains that wherever or whenever she appeared a resident would, within 36 hours, leave this mortal coil.

The White Lady is seen in nursing homes all over the U.K. Sometimes she is the Grey Lady, but whatever she is, I have not, or indeed do not want to meet her, in case she is looking for me!


trch_lft_md_blkWhats it all about Alfie?

During the summer of 1955 I was working at the Gt.Yarmouth Power Station.One guy I got to know quite well, a carpenter like myself .was traveling the country from job to job wherever the money was good. He had lost his wife tragically and therefore had no ties.

He told me one day of an experience, which he could not explain.

Just prior to arriving at his present job. Alfie told me how, on arriving at a town in the Midlands to seek employment. He found digs in a guesthouse. Whilst waiting for his room, the landlady invited him to wait in the lounge where there was a coal fire burning in the grate. Whilst sitting in a comfortable chair reading a magazine, he looked up to see an elderly lady in a black dress enter the room and approach the fireside, he acknowledged her presence with a smile, but she appeared not to have noticed him, so he continued reading. Suddenly he was aware she was no longer in the room, and therefore dismissed it from his mind.

A few days later after settling in, Alfie was enjoying his evening meal with the other guests and enquired about the lady in the black dress, as he had not seen her again since his arrival.   The other guests smiled, and the landlady said. That was my mother. She is no longer with us. In fact she died several years ago. Many of my tenants here tonight have seen her. She likes to see who we have staying here, adding I donít think you will see her again, and Alfie never did...



We will all, at some time, meet someone with a tale to tell bordering on the paranormal. A young married couple entered my shop one day, and introduced themselves, stating they had just taken over the stationers in the next street. They were full of enthusiasm and were determined to make a success of the business. A month later they again paid me a visit.

I enquired if they were settling in O.K. They then told my wife and I, that they were living in a flat above the business and had recently had cause to notify the police, as it appeared that someone was entering the flat.

They noticed articles of clothing, books, crockery etc. had been moved. The police were unable to help as nothing had been stolen. They called to see us again a few weeks later, saying they were getting out. As something was moving the furniture, pots and crockery during the night and it was so unnerving they had to leave. This they did and we never saw then again. Now it may have been an excuse to move on, as the business was not to their liking. However having had an unusual experience myself a few years before, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.    


trch_lft_md_blk The shop in the Square


It is of course, not always necessary to actually see something. It can be even more unnerving to feel something without actually seeing it.

My wife Carol and I had been offered a business as a going concern, at very short notice. The previous owner had fallen headfirst down the stairs with a fatal heart attack. His widow wanted out as soon as possible. On the settlement day, we were handed the keys and moved in immediately, as it would have been unsafe to leave the stock without someone being on the premises. With just a bed and one kitchen chair in the bare room above the store, we were glad to hit the sack that night As there wasnít a light switch near the bed, I placed a powerful torch on the chair beside me

Sometime after midnight I awoke with a start, as I had felt something moving on the bed cover between my feet. The room was in total darkness. Imagine my feelings as whatever it was, started moving up the bed until it was sitting on my chest! After what seemed an eternity it slowly made its way down the covers to settle in between my feet. In the cold light of day itís easy enough to say why didnít you jump out of the bed etc.but I was transfixed! I could feel it looking at me, as it sat on my chest, but now that it had at last settled down at the bottom of the bed, I slowly reached out in the darkness to firmly grip the torch. On pressing the switch, light flooded the room to reveal nothing! Carol woke up, I jumped out of bed to get to the light switch, the only door was firmly closed plus the window was shut tight, nothing in the bare room but the bed, the chair, and us. Whilst this paranormal event was taking place, I had thought it was either a large rat, or a cat, which had somehow entered the room. All I know is whatever it was, it had taken a good look at me in that dark bedroom on that first night and never bothered me again. 

trch_lft_md_blkThe Spirit of Christmas


I would like to finish on a lighter note. This is an old Christmas chestnut, Please excuse the Pun.

It was Christmas Eve, and he had left the Pub with more than his fair share of the liquid amber under his belt, it was a frosty moonlight night, so he decided to take a short cut through the cemetery.

In his inebriated state he took a wrong turn and fell into an open grave. Unknown to our hero, another drunk had also committed the same error, and was sitting in the dark with a bottle in his hand at the other end of the open grave. After trying in vain to climb out for several minutes, a voice from the dark said. Your wasting your time pal, I have been down here for hours. Needless to say our hero was out of the grave and safely home within five minutes!



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