Cannon were first cast in England of iron about 1450, and of bronze in 1535. Eight pieces of iron ordnance were sent to the town in 1569; and in 1597 the town purchased for £45 two brass cannon of Sir Robert Southwell, which had been brought from Cadiz. In 1625 the deputy-lieutenants found in Yarmouth thirteen pieces of ordnance, five being of brass and eight of iron. Swinden (p. 113) gives the weight. The largest is called. a " curtall." Soon afterwards Government sent down seventeen pieces, thus increasing the number to thirty; but the town being without powder the bailiffs petitioned the Privy Council, praying that an order might be made for them to have of the patentee, Mr. Evelyn, fifty barrels "out of his majesty's at his majesty's price." It was ordered to be supplied at 10d. per lb.; and the clerk of the council, Mr. Becher, wrote a private note to Mr. Evelyn "entreating" him to comply "rather," says the writer, "for my sake, which I shall ever be ready to acknowledge." Such was the way of transacting public business in those days! (P. viii p.31)

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