Poly-chromatic Decoration

From an early period it became the custom to adorn the walls of churches with paintings in distemper, and there is no doubt that at one time the interior of St Nicholas church was so covered. When the organ was removed from the west end of the south aisle in 1869, portions of patterns in scroll work of very elegant design were discovered, from which the annexed engravings have been taken.

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Scroll Work from St Nicholas Church

On the north wall of the north aisle of the chancel there is a small fresco, uncovered in 1848, representing several armed men entering a church, and other figures. See P.C., p110.

That there were numerous pictures in this church may be readily inferred, but we have no record of them, and none survived the reformation. In 1857, a picture was presented by Lieut.-Col. Mason of Necton. It is a copy of the "Elevation of the Cross," from the original, by Rubens, in Antwerp cathedral. There is in St. Peter's church, used as an altar piece, a copy of Rubens' " Descent from the Cross," also presented by Col. Mason. (P. b1.c2.p44)

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