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28th March 1953

Hint yew got narthan betta ta do than a waitin fa this eer yarn tergether!

Well.... is like this 'er

JimmiJimi's ees bin round ta check out tha stock an to do the casterations job afor the summer git's ere. Ee still uses the old fashion way wiv tew bricks.

I say ta im "Don't that hurt?" Jimi ee say "Ony when yew jam your fumbs!!

I arsked im then ow ee feels about sheep an ee say " uncumfurtable !! "

P.C.Gallip-Off's bin round ee ad a run in wiv Fowey the tramp, Fowey say to him " Hi Mate ows fings ", Gallip-Off ee say " I'm not your mate! Call me wot I shud be called!"Fowey

 So Fowey's in the nick till Friday.

Talkin of policeman, my fust girl friend she wus a policemans daughter we wus eight years old, on a picnic and a'rollin in tha ol ay stack, avin a bit of a gearme, as you dew. When she called to er mum "Can ya 'ave a baby when ya eight mum?" er mum say "No!! ya tew yung fer that!!" So quick as that she say ta me "Come on ol bor same gearme!!!" - I'd 'ave married er but I wus wholly frightend of er dad!!

Muver's bin inta Yarmouth by cooch taday an fa tea she brung back a coupla pair o'kippers or as I call em two eyed stearks, Muver she calls em " billingsgearte pheasants ". Blast there bewtiful but thay dun't arf giv ya a bit of a thust. So I'm ere a propin up tha bar in the Duck an Feritt avin a yarn wiv Albert, ee wus a'tellin me ee found this ere stone in thar chuuch yard an tha ol' boy wus 180 when ee died. I say ta 'im "Wot wus 'is nearm then?" ee say "It wus MILES frum London!!" ... Blast!! I bust out a larfin, but Albert ee wus serious!

Jist then Janet cum in fa er daily dose, she'd ad a rummin ol day at tha School, she ad a new yung fella start terday, is name wus Charlur boy frum Farby. Well ee seemed ta be settlin in olright till ee put is and up an say "Can I go fa a pee please miss?" Janet said "Yiss" an ee wus orff like a flash, coupla seconds later ee wus back awll red fearced a oldin 'is flies sayin "Can't find it Miss!!" So Janet she say she ad to draw im a little map, an orff ee goes agin. Back ee cum this time wiv both ands oldin is flies an a wrigglin like a sneark "Still can't find it Miss!!" So she ad ta send one o'tha older boys ta show Charlur boy tha way. Five minits learter back they both cum, Charlur boy wus now lookin a betta culour an the older boy say "Panic ovver Miss! Charlur boy ad is pants on back ta front !!" Well that wus a rummin won't it!

Soon be time fa the ol Hot X buns an Easter Eggs

an remember


"We sharnt git no fine weather till arter Yarmouth Fair".


Till tha next time - Dew Yew Keep a Gud Lite

Bye Bye me Bewties

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