Farmer Childs

Farmer Childs Farm
Norfolk Scenary


1st January 1953

Well, things in the willige stay much the same, Muvver say its that time of the year when we git the old tin bath orf the wall outside and we ev ta ave bath night wither we need it or not. So onto the arger go the big dumplin pan and I start to fill up this ere big 'ol tin bath a'fillin the farm house kitchin a full a'steam.

That thar ole stray dawg is a still along'us - you know Roger Roger - I named im thart on account that ee ave got this ere abbit of anging onta yar leg , he wuz a sat there all damp and sweaty , then out of the misty fog a voice ollered

"shut your eye's I'm gonna git in",

I sank to the floor with Roger Roger. I wuz a'corfhin an coudn't see a damthing, but we could hear noise like a dragon snortin and then a long agonized sigh!. 'Look a live muver cried your tarn next'. As I maed me way to the narrow tin bath I could just see this ere shape pass bye like two small boy's a fightin in a sack - a voice say 'the water int dairty it's ony latha frum the castile suup.'

Blinded by that thar steam Roger Roger join'd in the bath time frolik - it took me and muvver all night to clean up the kitchin - that thar littil 'ol bugger ran all ovver thar plairce a'shakin an a'rollin on the rug.

sissWell arter all that Roger Roger lay near the fire a'sinjin an a'breakin wind, and muvver an me had two jem-sengwiches an a slica cearke wiv a cuppa tea then it wus orf up thar woodin ill.

Well I dew ope yew all dint go tew crazy a doin that thar ole OKEY KOOKEY lark - anyways just yew all remember,









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