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22nd January 1953

Tha's a'teemin wiv rain agin an were still tryin ta git rid o' them ole sugar beet, tha´s mud an slush all over the farm an money's abit scairse till tha beets awl gone, sounds like one of them tha new fangled pop groups, dont it.

Mabel at tha Duck an Ferritt ave ad werry few "Reglars" latly on account on us bein so busy wiv tha sugar beet an all that, an when we can meak tha time we ave a jews march past so as we can go down to tha ol Duck an Feritt fer a couple o'arf pints "a keepin up tha old custum".

I do ere sum o' ya ole townies ave gone down wiv that tha Ausstrallion flew !. Well muver she say "Git ya ta bed" an " if ya'ave ade a bason o'boiled onions every night like what we awl do, yew'da been all rite bor" Anyways meark ast an git ya better.

Well durin tha week, I went down tha Pust Orfice fa a ounce o' baccar an I ran into Smiffy an Basil.

Well tha situaweartion is this, Basil at the willage garage ee'd been down ta the Oxfam Shop ta git isself some new trewser's, they fittid 'im round tha gut orl´right but not in the leg's.

An Smiffy ee wus a lookin at Basil an say "I'm wholly sorry bout your cat "

BasilBasil ee say "wass orll this 'ere squit 'bout my cat"

Smiffy ee say " I fought at ee´d died cus ya were a'wearin your trewser's at alf mast!! .

Basil ee say " Blast me Bor! wass up wiv ya ? That bit on't be seen when I git me wellies on, and thems be-in on the small size, wont teak a ull o'lot o'washin".

Well me an Smiffy ad a rite ol' larf tagever an Ol' Basil wuz suffin roar ee say ta us "Go ya on a mearken a game o'me!!" An orf ee dawdled down tha lane. I fink ee'd lorst is temper a bit!!

Smiffy ee's a bin elpin us out wiv tha tracta drivin an such, we were a tryin ta git dun what we can - Muver say ee'd better cum an ave is dinner along a us so then we can awl waerk a bit layter. Muver she made us a luvely big beef dumplin and we 'ad a big pleart o'tatters ta go wiv it - well 'arter we'd eat that lot we awl sat round tha table 'avin a mardle, an Muver she say she can 'member when we ploughed in tha snow in January an ploughed it out agin in Aprel - well Smiffy ee 'ad ta go one betta ee rekon ee can 'member 5 weeks o' snow in March - Muvver she gave 'im a funnier o'look an went back ta er washin up.

Muvver she arske me if I seen any for sale notises in tha Pust Orfice winda when I wus down tha ta'day - I say there wus ony one an that wus




Muver she say " Shame ya teark size 9 Bor!"

Cyprus_catWe've ad one a them thar cyprus cats prowlin 'bout tha farmyard durin tha week, an Roger Roger ee spottid 'im. Well ee runned arter that ol'cat, ya shud a'seen tha pair ov'em go. Larst time I seen anyfin move that farst wus when Granfar 'Erbert wus a'meakin 'is way t´tha privvy on account o' ee 'ad a tuch o' tha Aztec Two Steps!!

Korse I nearly forgit, I´v eard the wicar's got a cyss on is back an a'livin at tha chuch as ee do, ee's a bit worried cos Kwasimodo's started with a cyss!.

Well There Ya Go. As me dun fa annuver week.




P.S. Ya can allus tell a Norfick Gal, but ya karnt tell er much !!






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