Farmer Childs

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Farmer Childs Farm


24th December 1952

Well its Christmas eeve and that time of the year when the willage anidog3goes mad about Christmas. The old boys have put the tree up in the willage square, so far all the lights are back on, till Rogerīs dog has a pee agin! Roger say is dog is revoverin, got over the shock.

The vica say Sunday for carols at the tree, donīt be late! That vicaīs got a good job there, wark one day a week and never see the boss!

Weīve got the man in the red kit stayin in the barn agin, eeīs no trouble got a new reindeer this year called Fred! Eeīs second in line, got a blackīnīblue nose, the man in the red kit say eeīs as fast as Rou-doff but donīt stop as fast.

Well its back to puttin the onions in the jarīs and plukin the turky!

Till we meet agin

Keep a good lite


Farmer Childs






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