Farmer Childs

Norfolk Scenary
Farmer Childs Farm

19th April 1953

Well....ere we awll are agin,

red_bus2The ol nites are a pullin out a bit now an when Muver was a readin the local pearper she noticed that the new film "Whisky Galore" was agoin to be showin in Yarmouth, an me an er aint bin to the  pitcher's in years ,so as a bit of a change we thought we'd git the red bus to Yarmouth Market (I'd also heard tell that they might be a givin away a few free tearsters of the hard stuff !!)

Well orff we went to git the bus, ony to meet up wiv Janet and Dr.Johnnie Walker, oo'd decided to do the very same thing.  The bus dropped us awll orff outside the Chuch an me an Johnie, not bein that fond o' bein dragged round them thar shops, said that we'd go an ave a look at the cockrels on the market stall an well awll meet up at 2.30 at the cinerma.

cockril2Well me an Johnie wus a wayin up all these ere loverly burds, an one realy took my eye, I arsk the ole boy "wus ya price ?" ee say " As 3s 6d  each on the bottom rows an 4s 6d each on the top rows!!" so I arsk him "Whys the top row 4s 6d each ?" ee say "Cus them thar ones are on higher purches !!"

"EE'LL DO!!!"

Well I bought this bewty, then Johnie said "what the ell a'yew gonna dew wiv im when we go in the pictures" "no problim" I say "ee'll go down the front of me trowsers - ee'll be awlright".


So orff down the road we go to the cinerma, the girls were waitin, an what a bit of luck they were a given away a tot of whisky at the door.

Muver reckin last week they were showin  Gone With The Wind an she did ear they wus givin away tins o' beans !!

Blast that wus suffin dark in there, an the smoke..well, Johnie reckin thay were electin a new pope in thar. The old-gal wiv tha lite showed us to our seats as the Pathe News wus jist a startin wiv tha cockrel callin out. Now the ole boy in me trowsers ad bin a sleep till then, ee ears this lot  an ee startid to shuffle about a bit, so, I undid me fly buttons an out popped is ead.

Well Janet seein this say to Dr Johnie

"Farmer Childs has got is cock out"

Dr Johnie say "When you've seen one cock you've seen em all !!"

Janet said "Yes I know, but this one's eatin my crisps !!"


Cum half time everyone was a rushin about ta git thar ice-creams an stuff when awl of  a sudden there wus a louwd crash, an a full row of seats ad tipped back. When the house lights went up awl thar feet wus stuck in the air. I've never seen so many pashern killer's in one row, well not since granma ad the aztec two steps an muver done er washin an ad them awl angin on thar wash line.  I'll tell ya thar wus more fun orf the screen than on, most people ad good awl larf.  By this time the awl cockrel ad ad enuff so we decidid ta leave early. I'd ad me free tots an Muver she din't mind cus the bloke next to er ad is Cricketing Embrocation on, an it was wholly smelly!!.rooster1

So, it's back to the farm to show the ens thar new master!!

Winta time is nearly gorne!!

Till tha next time - Dew Yew Keep A Gud Lite

Bye Bye me Bewties

Farmer Childs





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