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Garage12th March 1953

The willage garage as bin shut fa two day's now an Basil's took to is bed, so me an Smify fort we'd give the old bugger a look. As we stud near thar pumps outside the garage Poly shoutid frum the bedrum winder "make ast tagever, cum yew up ere - Basil's a bit betta taday!" so up we go.

 Old Basil ee din't look too sharp, ee ad a rite ol red fearce an kept on a sniffen an a rubbin is old leg, ee telled us Dr Walker as bin in to chek im out, an ee ad to strip to thar weist neakid.

Basil_bedDr Walker say ta im "Tearke ya sock's orf," an Basil ee say "I've gott'em orf ," an Dr ee say "Blimey your feet in't arf a smart culure!!" Well the Dr give Basil a bottle a'medison an ee say "Tearke a dose o'that ten minits afore ya feel the pain start, an that pain in that thar leg well thas down ta ol' age." Basil say to thar Dr "Thas the same age as t'uther leg an that do'nt urt!" So Basil then say to us " Juss don't ya say nuthin to Poly, the old sugga she's bin real good to me up ere, when I tip over to tha rite side a'tha bed she rushes up an pushes me pillas back up to stop me fallin out of tha bed, an when I fall over to thar left side she's back agin to push the pillas back to stop me fallin out of tha bed, she's bin a real tresure ta me, but tween me an you she on't let me fart!"

Well ! Smify ain't said alot cus ee'd bin fillin is fearce with Basil's grape's an a drinkin is lucazeard, an Poly was a givin im a side-ways look - So I say we oughter go afor we start a sniffin as well.

Orff we went tergether to git our daily dose at thar Duck 'n' Ferrit an we ran inta Jimi jist in time fa im ta git us a arf each, ee was a'tellin us bout Lofty, ee'd picked up a couple of Slappers an took em back ter is plearce for thar nite. Jimi was woke up bout 2 O'Clock. What A Noise !! sounded like Lofty wus rowin a boat up an down thar landin.

Well !! Can Yew Keep A Secret ?

Yiss !!

So Can I !!

Do Yew Keep A Gud Lite

Bye Bye Me Bewties

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