Farmer Childs

Norfolk Scenary
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6th June 1953

Allo ole fings

I've got a canunderam fa ya!

                                      'Wus long an thin ,

                                       Covered in skin ,

                                       Red in parts'

                                       an used to stuff tarts ??

thas right!

Its Rho-bob time agin. Muver like it long an thick, goes jist rite in a nice pie she can't wait ta git er teeth into it (er words not mine) !!

Mabel's ad a bit trubble wiv Albert, Dr Walker ad ta put im in the 'ASYERLOT' residenshall ome fa a short stay ta giv Mabel a bit of a break. Me an Muvver ave bin given Mabel a and to clear up er bedroom an git er new bed put up cus the springs on the olden ad gone rusty on account of Albert who kept putin the jigger back under the bed when it was full an steamin.

Cum Monday me an the Wicar fought we'd git tha bus ta Farby to see ol bor Albert at the ome, cus the Wicar ee needid ta let Albert know that Fowey wus coverin fa im on tha greave diggin till ee git back.


Well "ASYERLOT" seems a nice plearce, abit like goin ta school fa tha fust time with rinkles!!  Matrin shew me an the Wicar around the plearce. I fink she wus tryin ta drum up abit o trade.  She say 'Im sure Albert will fit in" !.

Well ! Albert was wholly pleased ta see us an ee took me ta oneside an ee say "There's more wimmin in ere than ya can shake a stick most on em a got that thar 'ALLYSIMON'S'

Albert_3Silly ole bugga's wrap thar own berfday presents jist ta git a serprise wen they open em, an they run on an talk ta thar mirror's an can't fink why they dont git no answers.  Well when the bell rings fa buntime thems awl about an it's jist like a chimps tea party, an when they leave tha dinin room sum on em in barfchairs an sum on em on sticks it's jist like a marchin band awl stone fearced a corfin an a fartin."

Albert ee reckon the best plearce is the bar, an now that thay ave fittid im wiv them new pads that tie up at the knee's ee can stay in tha bar all night an ave 7 pints wiv no problems.  They teark im back ta is room in a barfchair, an the ovver night thay squeezed im when thay lifted im out of the barfchair an ee ad a rainbow in tha corner of is room awll night!!

Matrin she say thay found a note outside Alberts bedrum door it say


 I said to er "Thar may be snow on tha roof but the fire still burnin down below!" she say "Ya rite thar Farmer Childs, I noted were ee ung is towel when ee wus avin a shearve this mornin !!"

An I fought that ol bugga could ony grow a beard!!!!

Well me an thar Wicar ad ta luv im an leave im cus we ad tha bus ta git back ta Willagesby - an I ad plenty o work a waitin fa me. Strawberries

The ol Strawbrie crop is a comin on rite well an I ad ta git out thar in them fields ta lay sum straw down readi for the pickin in a coupla weeks or more.  So we awll betta pray fa sum dry wevva if we gorn ta ave a nice feed o Strawbries fa Sunday tea.

Bye Bye Me Bewties


Dew Yew Keep A Gud Lite





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