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20th February 1953

I must jest tell yew suffen wot appen'd to bor Albert, ee's collectid memobealyar of Lord Nelson for years now. Post_Office_CockburnAt the Pust Orfice Cockburn as one o' them thar winda's wiv arll owld bricka brack in it, an Albert avin a quick screw in the winda on is way to the chuuch spottid a koat butten with a note which sayAlbert2

"This butten came orf the koat of Lord Nelson". Blast!! Albert wus in the Pust Orfice wiv is money ready an ee say to Cockburn "I'll buy that thar butten for my collecshun."

The next day Cockburn ad found a sheep's eye , an ee put it in thar winda wiv a note which say "This is the lost eye of Lord Nelson", Albert on his way back frum the chuuchyard had a quick screw in the winder ee could'nt believe is luck, ee was back in the Pust Orfice a'partin wiv is money agin.

Cockburn nowin ee'd got bor Albert on the run put two small new spuds in the winda wiv a note about them abein Nelsons private credentials, "Admired by Lady Amilton".

 The next day Albert spotted these spuds wiv thar note, ee rushed in the Pust Orfice and ee say to Cockburn

"Yew can't fewl me ! - they belonged ta King Edward!"

Albert ad bin wintered an summered by Cockburn but got the last larf.

Albert's goin t'stick to thar rummidge searles frum now on for is memobealyar.

Dr Walker called in at the farm just to giv Muver an me a bit of an M.O.T. as were both gittin on abit. We ad a furra examineartion an ee rekon were both arlrite 'sept we need ta lewse a bit o'weight - ee say I'll be a see fings I an't ad me eyes on fer years time I lewse a couple a'stone - well I jist can't wait ta see wot I've bin missin!! Opefully that shud solve my wet shew problem I've bin 'avin since I got these 'ere byefolkols glasses - 'cause there dam good fer me ta read wiv but by christ I int arf gettin a problem when I look down

CROCUSThe ole gardin's lookin rite pritty jist now wiv arll them thar snowdrops and crookuses out - it looks like spring jist mite be on its way.

Well Bye Bye Me Bewties

Till next time

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