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10th February 1953

Sugar beets all gone an we'ra just clearin up thar mud an avin a swill down, an watcin them thar ol' crows a dancin high up in the trees gitten ready t'build their nests, there well up the tree's this year a sure sign fer a good summer. We've just Janetad a visit frum Janet the school teacher, she'd just been to tha pust orfice to give Ivy a few pointer's about that thar yung Freddy bein a bit forward in the class. Well!! it turn'd Freddyout that Janet was takin the class and she arsks yung Freddy a question "If ther were three crows on the fence an Farmer Childs shot at 'em wiv a gun - how many were left ? Young Freddy's reply wus, "none miss - 'cause the noise frum the gun would frightin them a way". So Janet deep in thought said "Well, yes I can see the way you're thinkin".

So young Freddy said "Please miss!! Can I arsk you a question ?" Janet said "Yes go on then" - ee'say "If thar were three mum's eatin an ice lolly each, an one was a chewin it, an one was a lickin it, an one was a suckin it, which one of the mum's was married?" Janet looked at im an said "The one who was suckin the lolly" an young Freddy said "No! - the one with the wedding ring on ! but, I can see the way your thinkin."

Johnie_WalkerJist at the end a that yarn Dr Walker drov in the yard an jist to be hospitaball muvver said "Would ya like a drop of my ome made parsnip wine afore yew an Janet go orf down that thar lane?" Muvver filled up the glarses an Dr.Walker knock'd it back, ee pulled a bit of a fearce an say to Janet "Don't ya drop it on ya shoes ol' love it'll teark tha color out on'em!!"

Well ee put is spoke in jist where it won't wanted sayin fings 'bout Muvvers wine, she wus wholly flabbergasted she'd got a rite ol' red fearce an it won't like 'er ta cum back at thar Doctor,  she say ta 'im "As arll rite fa yew cus ya can bury yor misteaks,  but I've got ta put mine rite" Poor 'ol Doctor arll red fearced say ta Janet "As about time we wus a'leavin - this 'ere lady do say sum rummin fings frum time ta time!!". Well thare ya go!

Soon be Panceark Day o'll things.

Till tha next time - Dew Yew Keep A Gud Lite

Bye Bye me Bewties

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