Farmer Childs

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Farmer Childs Farm


22nd July 1953

Well ! allo agin ol fings - ha'yer sin a Coyapoo yit!

Tha´s niver enuff money ter go round, so it wus up ter the big ouse ter see Douglas Begone Brain fer a loan t'buy a new bull (on account o'the old one seems ter ave bin firin a few blanks ov late, an this years stock is well down - its the knackers yard fer 'im!!).

I'd got me eye on this big o'boy up Farby way, ee cum frum gud stock an ad a gud repatershun fer is performance (well tha cows awll seemed ter ave smiles on thar fearces), ee wus a bit expensive but then we do need new stock in the willage .

The next day is Lorrudship is ere at the farm ter see wot is money's bin spent on, ee say "Well Farmer Childs how is he  getting on with the young heifers ?"

"Well yer Lorrudship" I say "thas the problim ee in't gittin on at all!!"

"I'll call Jimi the vet to check I'm out."

Four day's later is Lorrudship's back wiv er Leardyship ee say, "Well Farmer Childs how is the bull doing now?"

Ee cud see me fearce lite up "Well ee ad is way wiv all me yung eifers, an jumped tha 'edge an startid on yer lot this mornin!!"

"Thats what I like to hear, what did Jimmy give him Farmer Childs?"

"Ee giv im some pills yer Lorrudship"

" What kind of pills were they then?" he asked.

Bull1"I don't ritely now wot thay called em yer Lorrudship, but, thay ad a sort of nutty tearst !!" Well!! arter se'in thar smile on Muvver Childs fearce is Lorrudship wus a'callin inter Jimi the vets on the way back ter tha big house.

I jist giv im a bit o'advice, I told im not ter teark 'em wiv is coco cus all they'd do wud stop im frum fallin out o' bed!!

Later that day I was a sittin in the farmyard avin bun time an a finkin about wus gone on, when two en's rushed by closely follered buy tha cockrill who wus catchin 'em up fast, when the ole boy put the breakes on an stopped ter eat the crums frum my sammich. I fought ter me self


I ope I niver git that HUNGRY!!!

Well I'll ave ter git a move on ole fings cus were wholly busy rite now wot wiv all them crops ter be got in and then thars the combiner ter git out cus the ole fields are a'lookin a bit yella alriddy - more about this next time ay!!

Well Bye Bye Me Bewties

Dew Yew Keep A Gud Lite

Farmer Childs





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