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I've bin arsk´d by bor Ron to keep all ya townies up to date with tha willage life owt ere in tha sticks in tha fiftees.

Our lectrik ony goes as far as tha cow shid, so ta run this computa thing we aveta ave one a them long lectrik leeds that cum in frew tha farmouse winda.

Muvva makes good use o that thar leed to dry er personables - ya know them thar long pants wi´ the mud flaps on thar bottoms - reel pashion killers.

Owt ere in tha willage we still got or water frum tha willage pump in tha fiftees, an thas a gud plaice for a mardle must days.

Tha gossip and such I writ down in my diary, so ere goes.

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