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Great Yarmouth

Second Selection

By Colin Tooke

This is the senond selection of old photographs of Great Yarmouth compiled by the author in The Archive Photographs Series. In this volume he has also included photographs from the nearby communities of Gorleston and Caister. Much of the material that makes up this book has never before been seen in print.

This new collection of over 200 evocative images traces some of the changes that have taken place in and around this busy Norfolk town over the last century. We see examples of shops, streets and buildings that have gone forever and view people at work and leisure in settings that are difficult to imagine in the modern world of the 1990s. Of special interest to many will be the photographs recording the devastating effects on the area of wartime bombing and also the disatrous East Coast floods of 1953.

This book will be enjoyed by all who know Great Yarmouth and its environs and would enjoy another nostalgic trip into its recent past.

Release Date 1996

Publisher Chalford Publishing Company

Price 9.99 Out of Print



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