Colin Tooke
Beach Boats and Beachmen


Beach Boats and Beachmen

By Colin Tooke

This booklet is not a record of heroic lifeboat rescues but is an attempt tp portray the background and organisation of the men who not only made up the lifeboat crews over the years, but also made a living from the hazardous job of salvage work from the Caister beach.

The beach company, in its original form, was in exidtence for 150 years and today the 20th century beachmen carry on traditions that have survived for almost 200 years in the village.

I would like to express my thanks to the many people who have helped during the research for this booklet, especially Bob Malster and David Higgins, for information from their own researches, and `Skipper“ and David Woodhouse of Caister for access to their records and invaluable advice.

Release Date 1986

Publisher Poppyland Publishing

Price £1.20



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