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Caister 2000 years a village

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Caister 2,000 Years a Village

By Colin Tooke

This book is the result of twenty five years research into the history of Caister, much of which has never been in print before. Information has been obtained from many sources, ancient documents in Record Offices and Libraries, church records, lifeboat records and by talking to people past and present who have lived in the village for many years. The information has been put together with a large collection of pictures which again have been obtained from many different sources. many of the photographs have not been published before.

for almost 2000 years people have inhabited the area known today as Caister. The Romans built a fort here and they were followed by the Saxons and finally the Danes who established the foundations of the present village. Medieval Castra, divided into several Manors with a castle and two churches soon became the largest village in East Flegg. In the 19th century, Caister continued to expand as a fishing village and a lifeboat station, rocket company and coastguard station were established. As the holiday industry began to develop, Caister became the site of the first Holiday Camp in the country and by the mid 20th century was well established as a holiday centre with many caravan and camping sites. Trams linked the village with Great Yarmouth until the 1930s and the M&GN railway brought holidaymakers from London and the North. From a population of a few hundred the village has grown until today almost ten thousand people live in Caister. This book looks at the history of the village over the past two millennia, illustrated with over 60 pictures, many of which are published for the first time.

Release Date April 10th 2000

Publisher Tooke Books

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