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Frontline Towns


Frontline Towns by Colin Tooke

This book is the second in a series illustrating different aspects on the history of Gt. Yarmouth and Gorleston. `Front Line Towns“ records the military history of the town from the mid 19th century when local Volunteer and Militia forces were an important part of the country“s defence force and used the open lands on the South Denes for their summer encampments. In 1913 one of the country“s first Air Stations was established on the South Denes and played an important role in the development of aircraft and warfare. Throughout the Great War planes from Gt. Yarmouth fought off the German Zeppelin Airships although they could do nothing to prevent the Zeppelins carrying out the first air raid on this country in 1915 when the first person to be killed by a hostile devise from the air was unfortunately a resident of the town. The book also covers the Second World War and the damage the town suffered in the air raids and the Navel Bases established here to protect the convoy routes and rescue ditched airmen.

Gt. Yarmouth has always been in the `Front Line“ during times of war and this book records those years in words and pictures. Many of the 84 images in the book are published for the first time.

This book will be available from October 14th from Jarrolds and other book shops.

Release Date: October 14th 1999

Publisher: Tooke Books

Book Shop Price £4.99




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