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Rows and the Old Town

RowsGreat Yarmouth

The Rows and the Old Town

80 pages - 56 photographs

This book is the third in a series illustrating different aspects on the history of Great Yarmouth. The Rows, referred to by Charles Dickens as a `gridran´ formed a unique pattern in the medieval town and survived largely intact until the Second World War. Originally known by names, some of which reflected the characters who lived there or the many public houses that adjoined them, the Rows were home to the majority of the towns inhabitants, from the rich merchants and tradesmen to the ordinary working classes.

Numbers replaced names at the beginning of the 19th century but for the next one hundred and forty years the Rows still formed the heart of the town. This book, essential reading for all those researching their family history, lists almost six hundred names, the numbers and the location of the 145 Rows which made up the Old Town. A brief description of each Row is included, as well as the adjacent streets and quayside. The photographs show what many of the Rows looked like at the turn of the twentieth century as well as the public houses and other buildings to be found in the Old Town. For those who lived and worked in the Rows this book will bring back many memories and for younger generations it vividly portrays a way of life which has now gone for ever.


This book will be available from 1st November from Jarrolds and other book shops, priced at £5.99 or £6.50 (including P & P) from the publisher at:

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