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Skipper Jack

skipper_jack "Skipper" Jack

By Colin Tooke

Beachman, fisherman, lifeboatman, historian, Freeman of the Borough of Great Yarmouth, television personality. John Joseph Woodhouse, better known as "Skipper", is a Norfolkman who can lay claim to all these titles.

He has lived all his life within the sight of the sea at Caister, on the Norfolk coast. Last of the east coast beachmen, he stands in a tradition strtching back over the centuries. He counts among his friends seamen all over Britain, and many Dutch salvage crews with whom he has often worked in the past.

perhaps most of all he is respected by lifeboatmen around the coast for his services with Caister lifeboat and for his great knowledge of lifeboat matters. He is custodian of the records of the Caister beach company and these, with "Skipperīs" remarkable memory, come together for this story.

Release Date 1988

Publisher Poppyland Publishing

Price Ģ4.99



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