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The Floods - 1953

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The Floods - 1953

Colin Tooke

The night of Saturday 31st January 1953 was, for many people in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, the most traumatic night of their lives. Everyone who lived through the night of the East  Floods has their own memories and experiences to tell. This book however is not about memories but is an illustrated factual account, taken from official records and contemporary news reports, recording the events leading up to the disaster, the night itself when nine people lost their lives and the aftermath.

With over 40 illustrations this is a record of what had become known simply as 'the floods'. Although it happened 50 years ago, to many people it is an event in their lives they will never forget. The book is dedicated to those who lost their lives and the gallant rescuers who helped over 10,000 people to safety.


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